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TheTaxReview Series is a compilation of continuing professional education (CPE) courses. Our courses are available online in self-study format. Expand your tax knowledge, brush up on the basics, and fulfill your CPE requirements.

  • Courses are valid for CPAs, EAs, and tax preparers in all 50 states!
  • AFSP/IRS and CTEC approved (see Overview).
  • Satisfaction rating for our courses is 4.95 out 5.

Note: Online Credit Hours do not expire.

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Courses Available in the Education Center

Use your Online Credit Hours to complete any of the courses listed below. Several new courses will be released in Mid-September.

CPE Course   CPE Hours   New   IRS Course Category   
Annual Federal Tax RefresherDetails(+)6Federal Tax Refresher
California Tax for CRTPsDetails(+)5California Only
Advanced Business TopicsDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Basics of DepreciationDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Business EntitiesDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Clients With ChildrenDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Income, Deductions, and CreditsDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Individual Tax Prep 101Details(+)4Federal Tax Law
Individual Tax Prep 201Details(+)4Federal Tax Law
Repairs and ImprovementsDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Self-EmployedDetails(+)4Federal Tax Law
Foreclosures, Repossessions, & Cancelled DebtDetails(+)3Federal Tax Law
New Tax Law - BusinessDetails(+)3Tax Law Updates
New Tax Law - IndividualsDetails(+)3Tax Law Updates
Avoid Ethical ViolationsDetails(+)2Ethics
Circular 230 EthicsDetails(+)2Ethics
Disclosing Client InformationDetails(+)2Ethics
EstatesDetails(+)2Federal Tax Law
Ethical Violations - Hot ButtonsDetails(+)2Ethics
Military PersonnelDetails(+)2Federal Tax Law
Seniors and Taxpayers With DisabilitiesDetails(+)2Federal Tax Law
TrustsDetails(+)2Federal Tax Law
Alternative Minimum TaxDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Clients With Unpaid TaxesDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Corporate FormalitiesDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
CrowdfundingDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Data SecurityDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Daycare ProvidersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Death of a TaxpayerDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Direct SellersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Divorced TaxpayersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
FarmersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Guide to IRS CollectionsDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
High Income and WealthDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Hobby Loss RulesDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Injured / Innocent SpouseDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Like-Kind ExchangesDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)Details(+)1Federal Tax Law
MinistersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Real Estate and Rental ActivitiesDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Sharing Economy - Generating Revenue OnlineDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Taxpayer RightsDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law
Transportation Industry & TruckersDetails(+)1Federal Tax Law

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  • Successful course completions are uploaded regularly to the IRS and CTEC.

Valid in all 50 States

Our courses are valid for CPAs, EAs, and tax preparers in all 50 states! (More)

National Registry of CPE Sponsors QAS California Tax Education Council Internal Revenue Service

Excellent Courses at Low Prices

You will enjoy our courses! In fact, the average satisfaction rating for our courses is 4.9 out 5. It is our passion to provide the best courses at the best prices.

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20 Online Credit Hours - Best Value! $169.00 $8.45
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1 Online Credit Hour $17.00 $17.00

Course Information

  • Field of Study: Taxes
  • Expiration Date: Online Credit Hours do not expire. Subject to CPE Policy.
  • Type of Delivery Method: Interactive self-study.
  • Passing Grade: Participants who answer a minimum of 70% correct on the final exam will be sent a Certificate of Completion via email. Results are regularly uploaded to the IRS and CTEC.
  • Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information regarding refund, complaint and/or program cancellation policies, please contact our customer service department at 1-866-919-5277.
  • Advance Preparation: No advance preparation is needed to complete any of TheTaxReview courses.
  • Record Retention: Tax Materials, Inc. will retain a record of course participants and final exam scores for a minimum of five years.

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CTEC Approved

California Tax Education Council

Tax Materials, Inc. is registered with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) to provide continuing education to registered tax professionals.

  • All courses offered by Tax Materials, Inc. are CTEC approved.
  • Results are regularly uploaded to CTEC.
California Tax for CRTPs CPE Course Cover

California Tax for CRTPs - 5 Credit Hours

Learn rules specific to California related to filing tax returns to report items for individuals, businesses, estates, filing requirements, and user fees administered by the Senate of California Franchise Tax Board.

  • Course satisfies the CTEC 5 hour California state tax requirement for CRTPs.
  • Spring Release: 6/1/2018
  • Fall Release: 11/15/2018

Course Overview
This course covers rules specific to California income tax returns. Program content includes rules for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, estates and trusts, and other filing requirements and user fees administered by the State of California Franchise Tax Board.

CPE Credit Hours
5 Credit Hours. One 50-minute period equals one CPE Credit Hour.

Learning Objectives

Recommended Participants
Individuals who prepare California income tax returns are encouraged to participate in this course.

National Registry of CPE Sponsors ID Number

CTEC Course Number

Annual Filing Season Program

Internal Revenue Service

The Annual Filing Season Program is a voluntary program, offered by the IRS, designed to encourage tax return preparers to participate in continuing education (CPE) courses. Tax Materials, Inc. is an approved IRS CPE Provider. (More)

Two Classifications of Tax Preparers

The IRS has determined two classifications of tax preparers.

1) Exempt from AFTR (Credentialed)
Tax Preparers with one of the following credentials are exempt from completing the AFTR course and test if they choose to participate in the AFSP:

  • CPA
  • Attorney
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent
  • Enrolled Actuary
  • National and State Tests (More)

2) Non-Exempt from AFTR (Non-Credentialed)
Tax preparers are required to take the AFTR course and test in addition to the continuing education hours to receive the AFSP-Record of Completion.

Continuing Education (CPE) Requirements

Continuing Education taken between 1/1/2018 and 12/31/2018 will count as CPE credit hours for the AFSP - Record of Completion.

Exempt - 15 Total CPE Hours
3 CPE Hours - Tax Law Updates
10 CPE Hours - Federal Tax Law
2 CPE Hours - Ethics
Non-Exempt - 18 Total CPE Hours
6 CPE Hours - AFTR Course and Test
10 CPE Hours - Federal Tax Law
2 CPE Hours - Ethics

"Thank you! Material was easy to read and understand."
Lisa Markwith
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"The examples helped to illustrate the material to aid comprehension. This was a great experience, thanks."
Fay Welcome
Gainsville, VA

"Accurate and very well thought out. TMI you people are the best at taxes!"
Stephen Jordan
Salem, NH

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