Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - The Coverage You Need!

On December 22, 2017 the President signed into law major tax reform legislation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act overhauls the Internal Revenue Code by lower tax rates, eliminating numerous tax provisions, and adding several new laws.

Two Publications for New Tax Law!

Excitement is in the air for the 2018 Tax Year! Your clients want to know how the changes in tax law affect their tax return and financial situation. We have two publications to help you understand and master all of the new provisions.

TCJA Supplement

New publication covering the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

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What's New In-Depth

Coverage of ALL new IRS guidance affecting the 2018 tax year.

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Content Overview

What information is included in each publication?

Publication Start
What's New Summary of TCJA In-Depth Analysis of TCJA Coverage of IRS Guidance Released June - Nov. 1 Coverage of IRS Guidance Released Nov. 2 - Jan. 15 Coverage of ALL New IRS Guidance affecting the 2018 tax year
Winter Edition 12/15/2018
What's New In-Depth 2/1/2019

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Information Availability

The IRS will provide guidance and clarification on major portions of the TCJA throughout 2018.

Information Timing
The Law: Bill becomes law and a Conference Report is released explaining the text of the TCJA. Released Dec. 2017
Guidance: IRS provides regulations and guidance on the new provisions in the TCJA. Anticipated June - Dec. (and beyond)
Filing Information: IRS releases forms and instructions, publications, Revenue Procedures, and Revenue Rulings which contain filing details and additional guidance on how the TCJA will be implemented. Anticipated Sept. - Jan. (and beyond)

Effects of the TCJA on Other Products
Offered by Tax Materials, Inc.

Deluxe, 1040, Small Business Editions Each of these publications will be updated to reflect the TCJA. These publications will present topics in a fast answer format. Due to space limitations, certain topics may not contain as much detail as the publications listed above.
Master Set A new "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" FastTaxFacts is now included.
Client Handouts Eight new handouts have been released explaining various aspects of the TCJA.
New Tax Law CPE Courses New Tax Law - Individuals (3 hours) and New Tax Law - Business (3 hours) available now!
All CPE Courses All CPE courses will be updated to reflect the TCJA provisions.

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