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TheTaxBook Updates
Locked Updates to the 2018 Editions of TheTaxBook Series

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5/22/2017   SB22 - 8   Update to extension for Form 8868, Application for Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return.
2/16/2017   SBTab - 33   Information updated for those states that were not available when the book went to print.
2/10/2017   SB18 - 1   Updates to the extension of time to file for C corporations.
2/8/2017   SB19 - 12   Update to eligible year ranges for Built-In Gains Tax.
1/20/2017   SB29 - 4   Updates to HRA rules under ACA.
1/11/2017   SB19 - 16   Updated figure in Income Statement example.

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